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Paid for Surf

Paid for Surf
They pay you for unlimited hours on month. You earn 0.40 USD on hour to watch publicity on Surfbar. They also pay you for your referrals. Referral rates are fixed at $0.10 an hour for direct referrals and $0.05 an hour for 4 levels of indirect referrals. You must be online and use Surfbar as well as yours referrals in order to pay you for their use Surfbar. Surfbar size is like banner on bottom.
The SpediaBar is a free software application that lets you earn money while you surf the Internet.They pay you  0.70 or 0.50 on hour. You earn 10% of what your direct referrals earn and 5% for 4 levels indirect referrals. You can also earn money for online games signing up for free offers and receiving mail or reciving messages on your cellphone. |THE BEST|
They pay 0.15 - 10 USD for publicity. You must be online. Adsenger icon is empalacement in System Tray. When publicity being available icons start light. Then you go on icons  and click right button mouse then select see commercial ad. Commercial live at 20 seconds. When commercial finish you choose GET PAID then you appraisement commercial & click on power to Adsenger come on System Tray. On hour is approximately two commercial. You earn 20% of what your direct referrals earn and 10% for 4 levels indirect referrals. Required 25 USD for USA & UK, 50 USD international on your account to payment.


Commission Junction
If you  are webmaster sign in and earn money. They pay you for lead & sale. On your site you places ads, offers, and links in the network. You can remove banners, offers and links at any time you want. Per lead you can earn 2 USD. Required 25 USD on your account to payment. |THE BEST


Company Mail (USD) Referrals Cheque (send)
Send more info 0.05 0.02 15 USD
Mint Mail 0.05 0.03 25 USD
Inbox Dollars 0.05 0.03 30 USD
Spedia 0.05 0.03 30 USD



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